Clear skin overnight is a myth!

Skin, being the largest organ in your body can sometimes throw a lot at you – acne, rashes, dullness, dermatitis, eczema, itching etc. And with the sheer number of products out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one that suits you and your skin type. And I’m sure you must have come across a lot of skincare brands that make big claims!

However, here’s the harsh truth- Clear skin does not happen overnight!

Our skin takes its own time to heal and recover. But the right topical treatment and a healthy diet are key to maintain your skin health in the long run.
Here’s what you need to take care of:

  1. Your gut health reflects on your skin. Your food choices play a vital role in your skin’s well-being. Maintain a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables & whole grains. Cut down on processed foods that are high in sugar and saturated fat. There are so many foods that cause inflammation in your gut. Stop consuming them and you’ll be amazed by the results in no time!
  2. If you’re someone who’s always chasing instant results for your skin by relying on chemicals and steroids, stop using them now! They have their own time & place to be used. But they just cannot become a part of your life. Don’t get addicted to these products. They have major repercussions and do not give permanent results. Infact, there are chances of reoccurrence! Go for herbal products with natural ingredients- they’re safe to use, keep your skin healthy, have no side effects and will give you your desired results with consistent use.

Meet our clinically tested herbal cream ‘Mayaderm.’ Formulated by Dr. C. F. Shah, a senior Indian dermatologist after 25 years of research, Mayaderm is your holy grail and the right way to treat multiple skin conditions and protect skin health. Loaded with skin-loving ingredients and suitable for people of all ages & all skin types, its properties accelerate the healing process and stimulate regeneration of healthy tissues without any side effects. Make it a part of your skincare routine or keep it in your first-aid kit, Mayaderm is a must have and your skin’s best friend!.

When it comes to skin care and skin health, less is always more. Layering multiple products without being mindful about the ingredients causes more harm. What you really need a routine that suits you and being consistent and patient with it. Let your skin breathe. Give it the time it needs to recover.

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