Dr. C. F. Shah (1924 – 2015) was one of the senior-most dermatologists in India with over 6 decades of practice and more than 15 lakh patients.

Along with being the pioneer of M.D. in Dermatology at Gujarat University, Dr. C. F. Shah was also the Head of Department of Dermatology at Ahmedabad’s Civil Hospital and V.S. Hospital for over 30 years.

He researched and developed the entire range of herbal products at Dadaz Pharmaceuticals, that would provide fast and complete healing to various skin and oral conditions. The inspiration for innovation came from his role as a practicing clinician and his keen interest in alternative systems of medicine and traditional ways of healing.

Dr. C. F. Shah’s formulations are superior, easier and affordable alternatives to many existing treatments.

Awards & Accolades

  • President, Ahmedabad Medical Association 1971 – 72
  • President, Indian Association of Dermatologists, West India 1978
  • Scroll of Honor – Academy of Ayurveda Research and Development (AADAR)
  • Key of Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. given by the Mayor, 1982


Dr. C. F. Shah believed in the saying ‘Work is worship, rest is rust.’ He dedicated his entire life to his work – research and medicine. As tribute to their grandfather, the third generation of the family re-named the company after him, hence the name ‘Dadaz Pharmaceuticals.’