Founded in 1997 by Dr. C. F. Shah, Dadaz Pharmaceuticals is a leading ayurvedic company in India that aims at providing complete and permanent relief to various skin conditions with products rooted in eternal ayurvedic wisdom.

Our products are known not only to cure an ailment, but to protect the overall health of your skin in the long run.

We are here to change the game with fewer, but superior & breakthrough products that are bound to become a must-have in your first-aid kits and skincare vanity!

The Founder

Dr. C. F. Shah (1924 – 2015), was one of the senior-most dermatologists in India with over 6 decades of practice and more than 15 lac patients. His keen interest in Ayurveda and alternative medicine led him to research and develop each product from scratch – experiment with various ingredients and formulations and introduce a new concept of topical treatment. Unlike antibiotics, our products have cleansing and tissue regeneration properties, that expedite the healing process.

The Name

Dr. C. F. Shah believed in the saying ‘Work is worship, rest is rust.’ He dedicated his entire life to his work – research and medicine. As a tribute to their grandfather, the third generation of the family re-named the company after him, hence the name – ‘Dadaz Pharmaceuticals.’